Yeah, that’s my ridiculous face.

So, YouTube keeps telling me I need to make a trailer for my channel. Something to convince people to watch my content.

I don’t think YouTube realizes I have three videos and zero idea what I’m doing.

Trying to make videos online is something I haven’t talked much about, because I know they aren’t particularly good yet. I’m waiting to see what I can do on YouTube, because I dont’ feel like I know yet. This is so far out of what I normally do, so different from all the other work I’ve done before. But I love it. I’m having a lot of fun, and investing a lot of time into trying to improve.

I do hope I’ll get there. I know how much work I have to do, if I’m going to make decent content. My first videos have all been too long, and saying too little. I know that. It’s a work in progress, one that is hampered somewhat by my utter lack of technical skill. That I can see my improvements on.

But if YouTube thinks what I need is a channel trailer, than by god, a one-minute blooper reel of nonsense is what it’s going to get.

At least I’ve figured out the goofing off parts.

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