A Buzzed Book Review

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TL;DW: “Damned” is the Judy Blume book from Hell. Featuring a “Breakfast Club” cast of characters, this story from the author of “Fight Club” takes on a vivid not-particularly-for-children ride through Hell and back. While I enjoyed that ride, sometimes it pushed the limits of my belief too far. It’s an alright book from a very impressive author. If you’re looking to see Chuck Palahniuk at his best, you probably need to pick up a different one.

4.5 out of 10 stars

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Yes, I drink alcohol in these book reviews. I am of legal age, at home, never traveling/driving or having more than two drinks.

I know this isn’t fun, but I need to say it anyway.

Don’t drink if you’re not of legal age, or if you’ll be operating a vehicle or other machinery any time in the next few hours. Don’t drink more than your body is okay with. If you have a problem, or even want to talk to someone about alcohol’s effect on your life, there’s tons of resources out there. You’re not alone. Here’s one, to get you started: https://www.aa.org/

I know my limits. Please know yours.

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