Why did I think it would be easier? I just lost a decade’s worth of maturity even writing that sentence. 

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Is it ever not awkward to have your parents meet your significant other? 

I’m 25. I’m an adult now. Two and a half decades of life. Shouldn’t it be better to introduce a new partner now? I’m more confident, and there’s no need for threats, no worries about parental disapproval. I pay my own rent, so “not while you live under my roof” won’t exactly do much deterring. In fact, not much would. 

Thankfully, my family genuinely likes my new partner, even after one meeting. All the same, I don’t think we knew what to do with those shifts in power dynamic. As a teen, I resented how far things moved in my parent’s favor. Whether they liked the person or not had a huge impact on my everyday life. And that’s not to say it wouldn’t have an impact now. 

I think we all missed when it had a larger impact. 

I’m the oldest child, and I’ve moved fairly far away at this point. Sure, we do our best, texting all week and video-calling almost every weekend, but it’ll never beat having us all in the same home. 

And I think we all miss when their job was to guide me through life, at least a little. 

After all, what parent wouldn’t? You want the best for your children. Having a constant, guiding presence is the easiest way to ensure that. As proud as I’m sure they are, as tiring as it must have been, it still must feel like there’s a gap in their lives, in their relationship with me. And lord knows there’s a part of me, as immature as it is, that missing having someone else to rely on. To leave the hard decisions up to, the moral compass. 

I think that’s what felt so off to me. While I was there to get their opinion on my choice, my paramour, we all knew that it wasn’t a question. My decision was made. 

This was show and tell, not a review panel. 

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