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TL;DW: 39 year old Alice has an accident where she hits her head and wakes up with no memories of the last ten years. It’s a book that should be boring, but isn’t, due in large part to the author’s skill. “What Alice Forgot” will entertain you, intrigue you, and force you to think about who you were ten years ago, and who you want to be ten years from now.

9 out of 10 stars

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Yes, I drink alcohol in these book reviews. I am of legal age, at home, never traveling/driving or having more than two drinks.

I know this isn’t fun, but I need to say it anyway.

Don’t drink if you’re not of legal age, or if you’ll be operating a vehicle or other machinery any time in the next few hours. Don’t drink more than your body is okay with. If you have a problem, or even want to talk to someone about alcohol’s effect on your life, there’s tons of resources out there. You’re not alone. Here’s one, to get you started:

I know my limits. Please know yours.

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